"...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other." ~ George MacDonald
"...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other." ~ George MacDonald

The Cult?

Who sees more clearly,

The person who is in a cult who thinks their cult leader is wonderful, or
The person who is outside the cult who carefully examines the cult leaders behaviour and teachings?

Like it or not, sometimes you can see more clearly when your on the outside looking in, than when you're on the inside looking out.

Members of a cult do not define right and wrong as ordinary people do. They redefine right and wrong to mean whatever their founder did is right, and whatever he (or she) forbade is wrong. So when they say their founder was good, that's what they mean. They do not mean he or she was good according to your standard of right and wrong, but theirs. The questionable behavior of their leader is always justified, no matter how immoral it may seem to you or I. Imagine what system of ethics you would come up with if you said whatever Hitler did was right and whatever he forbade is wrong.

So whenever the members of a religion tell you that their founder was good, and point to the good things their founder said or did, be careful to also look at the questionable things their founder said and did or you might be conned. If someone who claimed to be a prophet really was good, you will be able to look at the most questionable things they said and did and come to the conclusion that they really were good. No matter who a person claimed to be, we must use the same standard when comparing them to others. If someone is really good, they do not need to be judged by a different standard. (If anything, anyone claiming to be a prophet, should be judged by a higher standard, not a lower.)

Today many people are saying that a major religion has been hijacked, but many are saying it has not. So how can we know whether it has or not? The only way we could possibly know is if we looked at the best things the founder of the religion did and said, and also looked at the worst things he said and did, and see if his example and teaching is actually being followed.

We must do this because we have a problem. We are at war. We are at war with people who claim that they are following their prophet's example, and the example of the Salaf. They say they are modelling their lives on how their founder lived his life when he was in Medina. They say they are trying to bring the whole world under Islamic law. They also say they are fighting this war according to how the Sharia says war should be fought. Whether or not they are following Muhammad's example when he was in Medina, whether or not the law they are trying to implement is that which Muhammad and his closest followers implemented, or whether or not they are fighting how Muhammad said war should be fought, is all very important to know because it will influence how they fight; so it should influence how we respond. With these things in mind, please consider the following.