"...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other." ~ George MacDonald
"...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other." ~ George MacDonald


Hu Shuli will be remembered as one of the heroes of China.

There are some good people in the government too.

But unfortunately, many government officials are corrupt. Their policies have done much to corrupt and destroy Chinese culture.

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant in China? You might think twice about doing it again after watching this.

When it’s all about survival, quality goes out the window. See The Biggest Made in China Fails!

China is in Trouble

The love of money is destroying the government, the people, and the environment of China.

See also China is Now Painting Pigs Black - Why? and Fake Fire Extinguishers & Hydrants, Life-Saving Equipment Has Become Mere Decoration in China

Corruption is slowly bringing China to the point of collapse. See Don't Be Surprised by China's Collapse || Peter Zeihan

And the worse things get, the more paranoid and controlling the Chinese government becomes.

Note: I trust the men in the following video because they lived in China for over a decade and rode motorcycles as their hobby. They explored the country, eating, drinking, and talking with the locals (see How I Survived China for 14 Years). They’ve seen more of China than most Chinese people ever will. Because they had cameras, they were often approached by people because they were thought to be foreign media (as the following video shows).  I think it is fair to say that they know more about what is happening in China today, than most of the people who live in China.

The following two videos highlight just how much power the Chinese government has over what it’s citizens can and cannot see.

The Chinese government is in trouble, and they know it. See China is Dying - And Becoming Very Dangerous as it Falls. This is why they tried to blame foreigners for the nationwide protests (in late 2022). See China's Shocking Uprising - What The Protests Mean for China's Future and I'm being BLAMED for the Riots and Protests in China.

See also Why Are Businesses Fleeing China? (Things have gotten so bad, the Communist Party may collapse from within.)

As the events in Beijing on October 13, 2022 show, many people in China are have reached their breaking point. So What did happen in Beijing on October 13, 2022? And what happened to the protestors? See What Happened After the Protests in China? - The Dark Truth LEAKED. See also Why Did China Just Kill Millions?

The Chinese government not only has enemies within, they have somehow managed to turn nearly every country in the world against them (e.g. see This Chinese Man Pissed off an Entire African Country and Why Japan is Preparing for War). 

Tensions with China (at least up until the time of the video above) have never been higher. Now China Is Surrounded by Enemies.

When a government works that hard to hide what’s going on in their country, very few people inside or outside the country know the true state of affairs of that country’s government and people.

See also China's Latest Weapon Against Dissidents,  China's S*x Army - Criminals Pair Up with the Chinese Government and China is Hiding its homeless people - Pretending they don't exist! 

The Chinese

This page is about China’s present-day government and people, and how China got into this predicament, but first, a little bit of history.

Nationalism in China today is driven by the hundred years of national humiliation. How did it begin? And what was the main cause?

Prior to the first opium war China had been a closed society (much like Japan), it was nowhere near as technologically advanced as the western nations. Plus, they had a problem with opium. These factors eventually led to their defeat in the first opium war, and China’s rapid decline. (See also the YouTube video The History of Opium in China | The China History Podcast | Ep. 153)

After the first opium war, the country began to come apart. China suffered defeat after defeat. Parts of the country came under the control of foreign powers (in particular, British and Japanese control).

But despite these difficulties, China was beginning to industrialise and develop as a nation. The ship building industry is but one example.

In 1911, the emperor was overthrown, and the Republic of China (ROC) was founded. In 1916, the first de facto dictator, Yuán Shìkǎi, died. From that time forward, different warlords vied for control until Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Kuomintang, officially unified the country in 1928. The communists sought to overthrow the Kuomintang from within, but Chiang would have none of it. This led to civil war. War continued between the parties until both sides united against Japan in the mid 1930s. Fighting resumed after Japan’s defeat in 1945. (That same year, Taiwan came under the rule of the ROC.) In 1949 Chiang Kai-shek was defeated by the communists and consequently fled to Taiwan where the ROC continued to rule. Mao was now officially the leader of mainland China, marking the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Mao Zedong

Before the communists came to power, Mao taught the illiterate masses—who lived in the poor rural areas—how to read. Then he gave them communist literature. Being ignorant of economics, they were easily convinced that communism would lead to a higher standard of living. (Today, China imports most of its food from oversees. Tens of millions would not have starved in China’s Great Famine if the country was operating under a free market economy.)

By the time of Mao’s death in 1976, the leadership of the communist party had had enough. Mao’s economic policies were destroying China. 


In 1978, the CPC (The Communist Party of China, or CCP) began to adopt capitalism; the country would have collapsed if they did not.1 (For the reasons why see "Part 1: Prices and Markets" in Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell and The Government Against the Economy by George Reisman. Price controls and government ownership of the means of production cannot work as an economic system. And because communism does not work communist governments must oppress their citizens to remain in power, or forsake communism. See here.)2

Today, the Chinese people are told that it was the one child policy that prevented mass starvation in the 80s and 90s, and not the creation of a free market1 that led to China’s economic growth. The forced abortions were not only unnecessary, they were a crime against past and future generations. (See One Child Nation and the video below.). Because of the demographic crisis, China is fast approaching economic collapse.

Unfortunately, the CPC will not admit to their mistakes, or the kinds of things they did to stay in power. Instead, they glorify themselves, promote nationalism, and persecute (or threaten) anyone who tries to bring their crimes to light. (To be fair, the Taiwanese government has also committed human rights violations. But at least they publicly admit to it. See here.) 

Many Chinese believe that their government has lost the Mandate of Heaven because of mismanagement and corruption. (In their frustration, many Chinese have resorted to making jokes about their leader. Here are some of those jokes. See Mocking the Dictator.) 

China's economic collapse seems imminent. This is very concerning because the CPC may try to stay in power by diverting the Chinese people’s attention away from the Parties failures by going to war.

The CPC is turning China into a laughingstock.

Before communism “Made in China” actually meant something. The people took pride in their work. But after the communists took over, it became extremely difficult for the ordinary person to survive (see here).  A new mindset developed. Making money became their number one objective, even if it meant sacrificing quality.

But despite the Chinese governments failures, many mainlanders are faithful to the Communist Party because of what the Party has done for them in China and abroad.

The Chinese Constitution claims to give Chinese people freedom of speech, but it does not allow them to criticise their own government. (See the video below.) Should Chinese citizens have the same right that the citizens of Europe and America enjoy? Or should any opinion that the CPC does not like be suppressed?3 See here.

The Chinese would do well to learn from America’s mistakes. See Last Call for Liberty: How America's Genius for Freedom Has Become Its Greatest Threat4 

Revealing Truth About the Xuzhou Chained Woman: America's Worse

So, what do I want for the people of China? I want the Chinese people to be able to have as many children as they want. I want them to be freed from the hukou system, so every person in China, can live and work wherever they wish (within their financial means of course). I want those who are critical of some of the Communist Party’s policies to be able to express those opinions freely at home and abroad without being harassed, threatened, and in some cases imprisoned by the CPC. I want the people of China to prosper and be free. And I'm sure that the majority of people in China want this too.

Most Chinese are decent people who want to see an end to the corruption and mismanagement (See  What caused China’s real estate bubble and the local government debt crisis? See also). They are sick and tired of the lies, coverups, and coercion.5 (See Emergency - Military Called in as Chaos in Shanghai Erupts after Children Taken Away.6 See also the video below. This particular coverup caused a massive stir in China. For a more detailed look at this story see here.)

The CPC did all it could to quash the story above, with little success (see here and here). Many spoke up about this at great personal risk.7 (Only the CPC leaders are safe from prying eyes.)

The Chinese government is gaslighting the victims of the CPC. They want you to believe that anyone who claims to be a victim of the CPC is either lying or insane. They do not want you to investigate their stories.

Unfortunately, many Chinese—and westerners—prefer not to look at the crimes committed by their own governments. But the person who will not look, cannot see. If you refuse to look, how can you possibly know what crimes your government have committed? (Especially if your government forbids all criticism of its policies and actions. Is China's Social Credit System Real? - I Found Out)

Kanter has since been kicked out of the NBA for criticising the CPC. See here.

Some Chinese people feel a sense of guilt for the atrocities which have been committed by their own government, as if they are personally responsible for those crimes (e.g. see Wealth, Inequality and Poverty in China). And because they have been led to believe that the People are the Party, whenever the Communist Party is criticised, they come to the Party’s defence, to save face—but they should not feel guilty because the Chinese People are not the Party.8

Freedom of Speech

CCP censorship is insane.

The CCP does everything in its power to stop anyone questioning their version of history (see The CCP Didn’t Fight Imperial Japan; the KMT Did)9 and it does not allow ethnic Chinese (whether in China or oversees) to publicly criticise any of its policies or actions10 (for examples see Silent Invasion by Clive Hamilton). But despite this, the world as a whole, is beginning to wake-up to CCP Propaganda and how it works (see here for a more detailed look).11

Now I understand that from the CCP's perspective, it would not be wise for them to introduce freedom of speech overnight (otherwise they risk destabilising the country and being imprisoned for crimes committed against their own people, see here); but perhaps they could attempt to introduce freedom of speech one issue at a time. Because of tensions between the Chinese government and the Uighurs in Northwest China, freedom of religion would be a good place to begin (see here). The Chinese government realises it has a very big problem (as do all countries that have a strong segment of the population that wants Sharia. See here, see also  The Third Choice); but China cannot continue to treat the Uighurs as they have been, and not reap the consequences (see China vs Islam).


Chinese students are told that 60% of things Mao did were right and 40% of what he did were mistakes. What were the things he did which were right? 

Some say China became wealthy because of the CCP, but would China have become wealthy much earlier if the Communist Party never came to power? (Taiwan became very wealthy long before China became wealthy. See Mainland China vs Taiwan: Everything Compared (1952-2020))

What would China look like now if the events in Tiananmen Square caused China to adopt democracy in 1989? Would China have developed just as quickly? Would there be less corruption in China? Would there be less hostilities between China and much of the world? 

If China became a democracy would corruption increase or decrease? (Because there is so much corruption in China, corruption would continue to plague the country. If China does become a democracy, it's newly formed political parties should adopt the following method for selecting candidates. See How political parties can select better candidates through improving their system of voting. And where possible, the government should aim for a separation of ideology and state.)


The following are the most interesting (and often concerning) videos about China (and it's influence) that I could find. This page will be edited as new information comes to light.

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Why people on Canada’s PEI are concerned with a Chinese Buddhist group See also Does immigration fraud on Canada’s PEI cause U.S. concerns over security? (Those two videos show how the CCP is using religion to their advantage.)

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We Were White Monkeys in China (in the full episode (episode 102) they also talk about The Great Translation Movement, which has the Chinese authorities extremely concerned. See here.)

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1. Though it would be more accurate to describe it as a form of economic mercantilism as almost anything is tolerated as long as it advances the goals of the CCP. See here.

2. If you are Chinese, and you want to safeguard your countries economic future, read Basic Economics and Wealth, Poverty and Politics by Thomas Sowell. Wealth, Poverty and Politics is available in Chinese.

3. The Chinese government is its own worst enemy. It turns those who are pro China, and indifferent to the government, against the government. That’s what happened to Laowhy86 and is what is happening to many Chinese people today. (See Laowhy86's interview with Jordan Harbinger. See also.)

4. So what is the proper role of government? See The Proper Role of Government

5. Sometimes the lies are spread by honest people. This is what the CPC wants. No propaganda is as powerful as that which is spread by honest people. When an honest person believes a lie (because they think it is true) and spreads it, those who know that person are inclined to believe it, because they trust the person who is spreading the lie. 

For example, some Chinese assume that because they have been treated well by the CPC, other Chinese in the same situation are also being treated well. But this is not so. (The April 2022 lockdowns in Shanghai are a case in point. Those Chinese who have relatives living outside of China tend to get better food, and more of it, than those who do not. Foreigners who live in Shanghai are also being treated better than most Chinese there. This is happening because the CPC does not want any negative information about the situation in Shanghai getting out (see herehere and here). 

Other Chinese are not so foolish, they are not so quick to believe the propaganda. But they know that anyone who criticises a government policy will be treated badly. Unfortunately, many of these people are too afraid to try and do something about it. 

“Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. ... Any man, who has once proclaimed violence as his method, is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Because the Chinese government has suppressed free speech, any information coming out of China must be treated with scepticism. (Even if that report comes from someone you know.)

So, what can the ordinary citizen in China do? 

“You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

6. The fellas who make ADV Podcasts were very pro Chinese, and still think very highly of the Chinese people. See here. They believe that in recent years China has changed for the worse. I value their opinion as they've seen more of China than most Chinese ever will. Their show ADV Podcast is now called The China Show.

7. Due to pressure from Chinese netizens, the CPC eventually arrested some of the people involved but is still doing all it can to stop people asking the obvious questions of the Chinese authorities. See here.

8. Most of the crimes committed by the Party have been committed against the Chinese people. See here.

9. See also  A Chinese Teacher QUESTIONED the Communist Party. It ended badly... Many many people were killed in the Nanjing Massacre, but the figures may not be as high as the CCP has made out. See here.

10. The CCP is constantly trying to correct the problems they create, and in trying to correct those problems, usually make them worse. The following is one such example. China’s Going to Force You To Have Sex

11. What happens to me if I publicly criticise a policy my government has implemented? Nothing! Free people can criticise their own government. Without freedom of speech, people simply aren't free. We in the west are free at the moment, but there are people in the west who are trying to destroy freedom of speech, namely radical Muslims, the hard left, and CCP supporters. (Some unwittingly.) See Who are the CCP Shills? The CCP's foreign propaganda army! For examples of how some non-Muslims (and some Muslims) have helped radical Muslims spread the myth that non-Muslims are treated as equals under Islamic law, see The Third Choice by Mark Durie. (The preface can be read here. For examples of how the left is trying to stop views they disagree with from being expressed in public, see The War on the West  by Douglas Murray. See also. (For how they are using conservative politicians to their advantage, see here.) 

Recommend Reading

1984 by George Orwell. (This is where western nations are heading if we don't wake up soon.) 


Power: And the Problem of Ideology and State

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